Ellie Akhgar

  • Based at our Salford office
  • 0161 850 7007
  • ellie.akhgar@one-legal.net

Ellie Akhgar

Head of Northern Team

Ellie Akhgar is the Head of the Northern Team at One Legal. She is a senior solicitor and an experienced Higher Court Advocate specialising in defending allegations of serious sexual offences, murder, large scale drug conspiracies and complex fraud. She works at all stages of criminal practice from the police station to the Court of Appeal and is instructed on both private and legal aid cases.

Over the recent years, Ellie has gained significant experience in defending allegations of serious sexual crimes. She has represented clients all over the country for offences ranging from possession of indecent images to historic sexual abuse cases involving both adult and children complainants. She is known for advancing interesting defences for sex cases such as sexomnia (sleep sex) and confabulation (the creation of false memories). She explores every avenue necessary to get the best results for her clients and is keen to instruct the most advanced technological and medical experts to assist in reaching not guilty verdicts.

Ellie is a keen advocate and has represented clients in the Crown Courts since 2013. She has advocated as junior counsel on murder cases at the Central Criminal Court and Birmingham Crown Court and has defended as advocate on the second of the Rotherham child exploitation trials. Ellie always undertakes Crown Court work on a legal aid basis but continues to grow a flourishing private client base. Ellie has a reputation for her outstanding client care which extends above and beyond. This is something that all of her clients are keen to comment on at the conclusion of their cases.