Alia Khokhar

  • Based at our Salford office
  • 07443 980490

Alia Khokhar

Duty Solicitor

Alia Khokhar is an experienced solicitor and has been practising for over 15 years. She specialises in defending magistrates court cases and has established a significant adult and youth client base thanks to her accessible and down to earth approach.

In the police station she represents clients facing allegations of murder, serious sexual offences, all levels of violence, drugs and fraud. She is known for her strict approach and diligence when it comes to obtaining police disclosure and is fiercely protective of her clients during interrogation.

Alia speaks Urdu and Punjabi and is a member of The Society of Asian Lawyers. She is keen to assist anyone speaking those languages so that they can feel as comfortable and confident as possible when providing their instructions.