Prison Law

One Legal has extensive experience in representing prisoners throughout various stages of a custodial term. Our dedicated prison law team can assist in resolving prison issues and our practice in challenging the actions of prison authorities and subjecting their decisions to judicial review to ensure that prisoners’ rights are being maintained is second to none.

How we work
We appreciate that the prison system can be frustrating, slow and confusing and our aim at One Legal is to assist in any way possible to resolve the issue and to do so in a manner that is straightforward and accessible to the prisoner.

What we do
If the prisoner has been remanded in custody during proceedings or is now serving a sentence of imprisonment, through our committed prison law department, we can provide advice, assistance and representation in areas of prison law, including the following matters:

Parole Board reviews
If the prisoner has completed the ‘tariff’ of his sentence or if he is now eligible for discretionary release, we can assist by submitting representations on behalf of the prisoner in support of his/her release. We also represent prisoners who are schedule to appear before a Parole Board Panel for the purpose of an oral hearing. Our experience prison law team can

Re-categorisation and transfers
Is it time that the prisoner was transferred to open-conditions? Should the prisoner be transferred to another prison or be a different category? We might be able to assist in the re-categorisation or transfer of a prisoner.

Home Detention Curfew (‘HDC’) applications
The ‘HDC’ enables some prisoners to be released early subject to a curfew which requires them to be electronically tagged for a minimum of nine hours a day.

If the prisoner has received a ‘nicking’ and is due to appear before an Independent Governor, we can attend the prison to represent the prisoner during the hearing.

Licence recall
A prisoner who has been released from prison and subject to licence conditions can be recalled to custody if it is concluded that a condition has been breached. From the moment that the person has been notified of the recall and taken to a police station, we can assist. If the reason for the recall is disputed, we can assist. Even if the reason for recall is not disputed, we can still assist in representing the prisoner and making representations for that person to be re-released.

IPP and extended sentences
The number of people receiving IPP sentences has increased over the years. We can assist by representing the prisoner before their ‘tariff’ has expired.

Restrictions on Prison Autobiography and Writings
Our prison law department is happy to discuss any issue with you so please feel free to call us on 020 7842 0650.