Criminal Defence

We are specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors.  At any one time we are representing defendants charged with complex or serious crimes. However, our representation spans all kinds of criminal allegations and we act for clients at all levels of the criminal process from the Police Station to the Magistrate’s Court through to the Supreme Court and into Europe.

We also represent some other bodies such as Trades Unions whose members face criminal proceedings.

One Legal provides a 24 hour emergency service for all those under arrest. If a client has been arrested outside London then we can either attend ourselves or arrange for a local specialist to attend on our behalf.

We have thirty Duty Solicitors at the firm who cover twelve Police Station schemes and eleven Court Schemes in and around Central London.

As well as matters involving the Serious Fraud Office and the Serious Organised Crime Agency we have prepared defence cases in the following areas:

  • Department of Trade & Industry (DTI)
  • HMRC
  • Customs & Excise and VAT

Recent leading and well known cases include:

  • R v Antoine (House of Lords) 2000 regarding the ability of a mentally unfit defendant to have a fair trial in the Crown Court in accordance with Art. 6. The case is currently before the European Court.
  • On the Application of P (2002) concerning the fairness of the procedure in the Juvenile Court for mentally vulnerable defendants.
  • R v Sullivan (2000) concerning an Australian nanny accused of killing a child.